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Charities in 2015:

$10,000 to We Need Diverse Books
$10,000 to First Book

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Future Light Orphanage (FLOW)

Today I found this treasure trove of pictures from the Future Light Orphanage (FLOW) in Cambodia, after receiving our donation from Writing for Charity two years ago. There were so many pictures, my email relegated it to a spam file, and I never saw them, or the sweet letter that accompanied them by a 17-year-old student. Tears are flowing! (She is the girl pictured alone with the red shirt. She calls me "Aunty," which is adorable.) Writing for Charity makes a big difference in so many lives! Thank you for your support!

To Aunty Kristyn,

Hello Aunty! My name is sophary long. I’m 17 years old and studying in grade 11. I have been in FLOW for about 5 years. I’m from Kampong Cham province which is located in the East of Cambodia.

I feel very excited to get all the books which you supported. I have never thought this event would happen in FLOW. Before all the kids have to borrow the books from state school. Sometimes we got them, but sometimes we didn’t get them because my state school has a lot of students so the books are not enough. Now I could get all the books I need in FLOW. It has 12 subjects such as: Math (part I and part II), Khmer, Chemistry, and physics, Geography, History, Earth, Social, Economic, Biology and English. All these books are very important and they can help me to get knowledge in a fast way. It also helps me to do research very easily and also do homework and catch up what teachers teach easily.

On behalf of my friends in FLOW, I would love to say thank you very much for your support. To reply your kindness, I promise to study very hard and to be a good student in class. I would love to wish you all the best and success in your life.

Best regards from the Cambodian kid in FLOW,