11224866_444134759115349_4240005505451266418_nWriting For Charity began in 2007 when YA author Shannon Hale decided to do a one-day writing conference for her readers in order to earn some money to give to a good cause. The first year, it was held at the Salt Lake City Library, and there was an overwhelming response. Shannon originally wanted to get money for wheelchair-bound people in third world countries, and she did, but the organizational problems led her to ask other authors to take charge of the conference. Since then, Ann Bowen put together a conference in Ogden to help The Treehouse Museum, Rick Walton organized a conference in 2010 at Waterford School to help local schools in need in the community, and in 2011, Kristyn Crow took charge, moving it to the Provo City Library, where it stayed from 2011 - 2015. Mette Ivie Harrison was chair for four years, and now it has gone back to Kristyn.

Almost 100 local Utah writers donate their time for the day, offering critiques, presentations and panels. Local businesses often contribute, as well as other volunteers. We have donated books to a Thai orphanage, to doctor's offices for sick and dying children, to The Book Wagon, and to other groups, including We Need Diverse Books and First Book. This year our charity is KIDS CAUSE. Our committee is unpaid and we spend many hours every year for the sole purpose of giving back to our community through books. Donations are welcome if you can't come to the conference to help, and we always appreciate business donations, as well. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kristyn Crow at kristyncrowbooks@gmail.com.